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Hollywood diet

Hollywood dietHollywood diet Because carbohydrates are still considered a cause of completeness, there was the so-called "Hollywood diet" with luxury and exotic food products like pineapple, oysters, salmon and papaya. Counting calories is not necessary. In the old days it was believed that the enzymes in exotic fruits can help in burning fat. Although already decades ago, this enzyme theory exposed as pure nonsense, it still lasted until our days. The success of the "Hollywood diet" was achieved thanks to the glory of Hollywood stars that are on such a diet has kept the elegance of its lines. They could afford to dump weight by means of oysters. Many other this type of diet will be too expensive. But not only in this case, because a large amount of protein and few carbohydrates break the balance of metabolism. This pressurizes the body, causing fatigue and bad mood. Consequently, the "Hollywood diet" does not deserve the Oscar..

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