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BonesMuscle cells increase in volume, shrink, grow old and die, but do not increase in number. Bones behave differently. From birth to death, they constantly absorb various substances dissolve and thanks to this reform (changing the shape and dimensions), so cells that make up bones, no time for aging. The process of formation prevails until late adolescence (absorption exceeds resorption), so the skeleton increases in size. During early adulthood mass of skeletal remains more or less unchanged, and then, after about 40 years, resorption exceeds formation, resulting in a gradual reduction of total bone mass (this process is called osteoporosis) 0.3-0.5% per year. The old man loses the order of 20-30% of the skeletal mass, women - up to 50%. This process begins earlier and proceeds more quickly. Men also need to take into account this factor, as a result of osteoporosis increases the number of hip fractures in the elderly. Exercise, spend on my feet for at least 3 hours a day and watch your diet. Bones, like muscles, strengthening exercises, and prolonged stress atrophy. Unlike muscles, bones need only exercises with weight-bearing exercise (swimming, for example, does not bring them any good). Bed rest may be a disaster for the bones, particularly in the elderly. Studies have shown that patients remained in bed for 9 months, was lost during this time, bone mass, equivalent to an ordinary loss for 10 years. Being relatively young and healthy in other respects, they could restore lost bone mass, but it took 9 months. Exercises for people confined to bed, here is some guidance, strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation, but does not help the bones. Scientists discover that the astronauts in weightlessness lose bone mass, ordered them daily physical exercise, but they were useless. Skeleton, like many other organs, normal functioning, only doing the work for which it is intended - body support while resisting the force of gravity. This implies a vertical position of a body in which men should be a total of at least three hours a day to ensure proper bone strength. However, even many young people do not observe this important condition. During discussions about bones and diet come immediately to mind the idea of calcium. Of course, it is better to have healthy bones, which requires obtaining the appropriate quantity of calcium. However, although calcium has a positive effect on some diseases of the bones, osteoporosis is not the case. Receiving high doses of calcium in their youth will not make bones stronger than ordinary, as well as excess calcium in the passive way of life will not slow down the natural loss of bone mass. Bone and calcium included in their composition, do one, not the structural function in the body - they are "acid buffer", so, apparently, intake of excessive amounts of acids promotes more rapid dissolution of bone mass. The citrus juices have little effect on the total content of acids in the body, the main aggravating factors here can be a diet high in protein and increased consumption of acidic phosphates are the main ingredient in soft drinks..

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