BlepharitisBLEPHARITIS - inflammation of the eyelid margins. The diverse etiology: chronic infectious and infectious-allergic diseases, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, worm infestations, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, teeth, nose, throat. Predisposing factors are neskorrigirovannoe of ametropia, chronic conjunctivitis, diseases of the lacrimal ducts, wind, dust, smoke. The symptoms for. There are blepharitis simple, or scaly, and ulcerative majamay. In simple blepharitis eyelids slightly hypermonogenic, sometimes slightly thickened, covered with fine grayish-white scales. Felt itchy eyelids. For ulcerative blepharitis is characterized by the formation on the edge of the century purulent crusts, after the removal of which revealed bleeding ulcers. Their scarring leads to loss of eyelashes, improper growth. When meibomian the eyelids blepharitis hypermonogenic, thickened, seem to be oiled. When pressed on the cartilage is allocated oily secretion. For chronic diseases. Treatment. General therapeutic measures after careful examination of the patient. Vitamin-rich foods. Creating hygienic conditions of work and life. Correct ametropia correction. In simple blepharitis after removal of the scales with a cotton swab lubricate the eyelid margin 1 % solution of brilliant green or rubbing 1 % yellow mercury ointment, 30% ointment sulfatsil-sodium. To remove crusts in ulcerative blepharitis previously put on eye compress with fish oil, butter or ointment. Exposed sores in 3-5 days daily oil 1 % solution of brilliant green, 5% silver nitrate solution, followed by 30% ointment sulfatsil-sodium and other ointments with sulphanilamides and antibiotics. In persistent cases of ulcerative blepharitis are autohemotherapy, physical therapy, radiation treatment, rays Bucky tray. When meibomian the blepharitis squeeze out the secret meibomian glands through the skin of the century, placing it after the local anesthesia glass rod (1-2 days per course 15-20 massages). Directly after the massage and degreasing ether or alcohol eyelids smeared 30% solution sulfatsil-sodium or 1 % solution of brilliant green. The forecast. Systematic treatment of blepharitis gives only temporary relief..

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