Chinese medicine protects astronauts from radiation

Chinese medicine protects astronauts from radiationChinese medicine protects astronauts from radiation Medicines traditional Chinese medicine will be used in the Chinese space program. The results of studies of the health of astronauts in recent years have shown that these medications and therapy to neutralize the damage of the brain to cosmic radiation. Indicators of strength and endurance, as well as the heart and lungs were better than those of the astronauts who took the drug, made according to traditional recipes. On the days in space was launched by the Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-6 with two astronauts on Board. When training for flight use of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the chief doctor of the Chinese space center Lee Yun Zhi, both the astronaut feel good. Choice of traditional Chinese medicine experts explain fewer side effects compared with Western techniques, and easier to use in a space ship.

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