Mineral water "Narzan" lost healing properties

Mineral water In Kislovodsk, a scandal erupted that is associated with a unique local mineral water - Seltzer. The city government decided to lease the entrepreneurs of land in the historic part of the resort; these areas have already started the construction of restaurants, cafes, shops, leisure and entertainment venues. It is here that runs under the ground of the so-called "Narzan river. Environmentalists argue that as a result of this construction is said to dramatically lose their healing properties. Today the consequences of mass housing in the water protection zone has significantly affected the chemical composition of "Narzan". "Notice," commented Deputy Chairman of the public Commission on environmental mining engineer Konstantin Ivanov, " we are talking about the border between the first and second safety zones of the formation of a glass of lemonade. Here, just below us, only twenty feet, is Narzan river. Above it should be quiet trees and the green grass, which contributes to the reproduction of Seltzer. To this conclusion after much research came an authoritative Commission of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR 18 years ago". Head Kislovodsk area of JSC Kavminkurortresursy" Sultan Bairamukov and even declares that "Narzan", which was used stayed on the Caucasian waters of Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy and Fyodor Chaliapin, today, without treating to drink anymore. "In each liter of this healing water we have registered in August on average 85 of coliform bacteria, says doctor-bacteriologist Lydia Martynov, showing us the log. Is 30 times more than the norm. Bring a glass of lemonade to a safe state by processing its silver sulfate. Even in August last year, the number of E. coli was half". Martynov says: we are talking about a glass of lemonade nearest layer of bedding, and drank visitors in the past century. Today it stocks after sanitizing is used solely for Narzan baths. And sources in drinking water is now fed with considerable depths, where until she got impurity. However, notes Bayramukov, one of the 50-meter wells already sends a signal SOS: E. coli, and hence other infection penetrated and there. Izvestia.Ru.

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