In Japan have created a self-limiting mice

In Japan have created a self-limiting miceJapanese molecular biology from the University of CIO in Tokyo (Keio University, Tokyo) was established mouse wounds fully heal in a short time, reports New Scientist. Outwardly animals differ from normal mice, thin skin and greatly thickened cartilage formations - for centuries, noses and ears. These mice were created by scientists accidentally in the course of studies of the genetic regulation of vessels. Just 28 days you want a 2-mm hole in the ear of the animal is fully tightened. "This discovery may be useful for the development of new methods of treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis; dermatological manifestations of Allergy or skin damage," - said the head of research of Use of OIC (Yuichi Oike). The task that was put scientists in the creation of transgenic animals, there was an increase in the production Agnoprotein-associated growth factor (angiopoietin-related growth factor (AGF) in the skin cells. In mice under the influence of AGF really increased number of dermal vessels. Further research showed that the greatest increase in the concentration of this protein occurs in the area of skin damage. The researchers suggested that AGF stimulates not only the development of the vascular network at the injury site, but also restore themselves of skin cells. "AGF may be effective for the treatment of ischemic diseases in which bodies suffer from a lack of krovosnabjenia," said OIC. Now in the same laboratory is working to create mice without the gene AGF to get more information about the role of this protein in the body. (New Scientist).

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