slimming Americans invented diet alcohol

slimming Americans invented diet alcoholDiet wine low carb diet started producing an American company Brown-Forman. Foods low in carbohydrates, very popular in USA and are consistent with the recommendations of the famous nutritionist Atkins. However, diet alcoholic drinks appeared on the market for the first time. In the development of these products, the company has invested about a million dollars. Five million would be spent on their advertising. New wine will be sold at a price of about $ 10 per bottle. As explained by the winemaker Kara Morrison (Cara Morrison), the process of making these wines is slightly different from the standard technology. Most of the sugar and carbohydrates is removed from the grapes during fermentation. Our goal is "to keep the sweet taste, removing almost all the sugar," said she. The declared content of carbohydrates in these wines - no more than six grams per drink. First will be on sale diet Chardonnay and Merlot. At the request of the manufacturers, the first has the aroma of lemon and melon, and the second is quite tart wine with the addition of blueberries and cherries. Summer will go on sale in another drink Cabernet Sauvignon. For the first year the brewers plan to implement 500 thousand bottles of their new products. Wine merchants, meanwhile, do not share the optimism of manufacturers of dietary alcohol. For example, a store employee K&L Wine Merchants in San Francisco Gregory Condes (Gregory Condes) said: "If diet wines will be a commercial success - it is a merit of marketers. Now the market of such products are not required. Associated Press (Russian text - Рњ

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