Better to my heart ached?

Better to my heart ached?Heart attacks, which are not accompanied by pain in the chest are much more dangerous, they are less likely to notice and cure even worse when you notice. These are the sad results of a recent study released by the 9th of August. The report, published in the medical journal Chest ("Breast"), the researchers analyzed data collected in 14 countries, according to statistics 20881 patients hospitalized with acute coronary syndrome. 1763 or 8% of these patients complained of chest pain. In this group were mostly elderly people, women and diabetics. The researchers also found that one in four patients from this group initially was the wrong diagnosis, whereas among patients complained of chest pain this has happened only every fiftieth. Usually medical students are taught that not every heart attack or a case of unstable angina is accompanied by pain in the chest and what other symptoms are fainting, loss of consciousness, dizziness, shortness of breath, heavy sweating, or nausea. The study showed that patients without chest pain rarely prescribe medicines to thin the blood to reduce the risk of further complications, and less often referred for surgery. The difference in methods of treatment of the two groups of patients were followed until discharge from the hospital, where they went without a recommendation to take medications that reduce blood pressure or cholesterol levels. The study also revealed a significant difference between the growth rates of mortality during hospitalization: 13 percent in the group of patients without chest pain and 4% in the group with pain in the chest. The authors of the report tried at least partially justify the difference in performance possibly the worst General health of some patients or by accident later diagnosis. However, the results of the study prove that wrong therapy has not been corrected after admission to the hospital and has led to tragic results. If You feel sick, You find it hard to breathe, You feel dizzy, You feel weakness or continuing nausea, be sure to contact your doctor. It may be that all these symptoms are related to Your heart, even if You don't feel pain in the breast. Подробности.Ua.

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