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Medical mystery

Medical mystery1. Every patient has the right to privacy, and the doctor, as well as others involved in health care are obligated to maintain confidentiality, even after the patient's death, as the very fact of seeking care, if the patient is not ordered otherwise. 2. Secret applies to all information obtained in the process of application and treatment of the patient (diagnosis, treatments, prognosis, and others). 3. Medical information about the patient may be disclosed: by clearly expressed written consent of the patient; on a reasoned request of the bodies of inquiry, investigation, prosecution and court; if confidentiality is significantly threatens the health and life of the patient and (or) other persons (infectious diseases); in the case of attraction to the treatment of other professionals for whom this information is professionally necessary. 4. The physician must ensure that persons involved in the patient's treatment, also observe professional secrecy. 5. Persons enjoying the right of access to health information, are obliged to keep secret all received about patient information. 6. In the process of scientific research, training of students and physicians should be respected medical mystery. Demonstration of the patient is possible only with his consent..

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