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breast Cancer leads to depression

breast Cancer leads to depressionThe purpose of the study Osborne RH, Elsworth GR, Hopper JL was to determine the prevalence of anxiety and depression among 731 women with breast cancer, aged 23-60 years. The study results were published in the journal Eur J Cancer 2003 Apr and stated that the prevalence of probable mental disorder because of fear of falling in the hospital was 23%, due to depression - 3%. When women were asked to include in the survey "possible" cases of disorders, their prevalence was 45% and 12% respectively. Moreover, scholars have noted that greater concern are young, uneducated women than those who are older and with education, however, all women, without exception, had no serious risk of developing depression. The results of this study highlight the need for clinicians who must identify the most vulnerable subgroup of the population for depression, given their age, education and living conditions. [News.Battery.Ru].

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