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Cause of death from avian influenza can be a good immunity

Cause of death from avian influenza can be a good immunityThe reason for the high percentage of deaths with the defeat of avian influenza in healthy young people that these people have a good immune system. Such a paradoxical conclusion Hong Kong virologists. History of diseases "bird flu" in its most dangerous varieties of H5N1 in South-East Asia, shows that the virus literally raises the "storm" in the human immune system that ultimately leads to his death. Hong Kong microbiologists believe that the H5N1 virus penetrate the human body, especially healthy, makes proteins, known as cytokines, produced in large quantities to assist the affected lungs of the patient, causing an overreaction of the immune system, this factor can lead to a fatal outcome. Over the past two years in South East Asia, especially in Vietnam and Thailand, from "bird flu" has died at least 63 people, most of them children and young people. RIA "Novosti"".

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