Pointed condylomas

Pointed condylomasPOINTED CONDYLOMAS - the kind of warts in the form of soft-lobed growth, often in the anogenital region. Pathogen - filterable virus. Infection usually occurs as a result of direct contact with patients. The contagiousness small. The development of genital warts favors long maceration of the skin and mucous membranes (slovenliness, abnormal urethral and vaginal secretions). Genital warts are lobed and threadlike growths resembling cauliflower. They tend to grouping, have a soft texture, whitish wet villous surface, narrowed to the base, various sizes, painful, accompanied by an unpleasant odor. The main localization: the foreskin, labia minora, perianal region. From syphilitic wide warts differ narrowed base, lobed structure, with a soft consistency. Treatment. Lubrication 20% alcohol solution podofillina powder pure resorcinol, application of kolhaminova ointment. In case of failure of conservative therapy, electrocoagulation, scraping with a sharp spoon or surgical excision. Relapse prevention: health care, elimination of pathological discharge..

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