Hypersecretion of gastric functional

Hypersecretion of gastric functionalHYPERSECRETION of GASTRIC FUNCTIONAL (hyperacid condition, irritable stomach) is characterized by increased gastric sokootdelenie and acidity of gastric juice. A temporary increase gastric secretion occurs by eating large quantities of spices, with sokogonnym action, sharp substances, alcohol, mainly protein-carbohydrate diet, in the mental institution. The increased gastric secretion is observed in the initial stage of thyrotoxicosis, with hypercortisolism and long-term treatment of steroid drugs. Peptic ulcer localization process in the bulb of the duodenum and the pylorus is often accompanied by gastric hypersecretion. Such functional disorders occur when duodenitis (in the early stages of the disease) and in the period preceding the exacerbation of peptic ulcer. The symptoms for. In most cases, functional gastric hypersecretion asymptomatic, but can be ulcer-like pain in apihost theory (due to reflex spasm of the pylorus - high privratnikovogo reflex to sudden acidification of the contents of the duodenum), heartburn, in rare cases, vomiting a large amount of acidic gastric juice on an empty stomach. The radiological examination of the stomach is determined by a large number of juice fasting, when fractional gastric intubation with the use of modern stimulant of gastric secretion (histamine, pentagastrin) and pH-metry - hyperacidity. Differential diagnosis - first with peptic ulcer disease with localized ulceration in the pylorus or duodenum..

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