Specific diseases of PC users

Specific diseases of PC usersSpecific diseases of PC users Did You know that people who are professionally associated with computers, most of the health problems associated still with diseases of muscles and joints? Indeed, according to American scientists PC users have long observed numbness in the neck, pain in the shoulders and waist or tingling in the legs. People who make their living from the computer and spend a lot of time, also suffer from General muscle weakness and changes the shape of the spine. However, progress in this area was not long in coming: occupational diseases "computer geeks" of the 90s (with the highest propagation velocity!) in the United States are recognized as two of the so-called syndrome. The first is called the syndrome of prolonged static loads (SDSN), the second - carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). What causes these diseases and what symptoms they have? In an awkward working posture and constant load, legs, shoulders, neck and arms of the long muscles are in a state of contraction. Because muscle tissue don't have the opportunity to relax in them worsens blood supply, metabolic disorders, accumulation of organic decay and, in particular, lactic acid. Scientists took in patients SGSN, biopsy (slice) of muscle fibers showed a sharp deviation of biochemical parameters from the norm. SGSN leads to the fact that the muscles are in a constant state of fatigue and weaken. Ultimately, this may lead to changes of the skeleton and degeneration of muscle tissue. The treatment of this disease in the later stages is quite complex and includes physiotherapy, and surgical methods. Unlike SGSN, carpal tunnel syndrome has a more local character. During frequent, repetitive movements of the hands in an uncomfortable position (for example, "hanging" above the keyboard wrist, tendons RUB against the carpal bones and ligaments. As a result of compression of the nerves and tendons of developing CTS. In the initial stage of the disease the symptoms - tremors, itching and tingling in the fingers - there are only a few hours after work on the computer. As a result, most people do not associate it with their work, which leads to running instances of the CCC. Gradually merges numbness, pain and heaviness in his hands. In the most severe CTS is diagnosed by excruciating pain, depriving a person of their disability and require surgical treatment. Given the above, let us repeat common phrases that long ago navaza in the teeth for all educated mankind - namely, about the ergonomics of the workplace. If You feel that your hands will always be warm and heavy and the spine got You a gift and therefore not as sorry that is your right. Moreover, You have the unique opportunity to check how your muscles and joints worthy of the honor to be yours, and therefore the most resistant in the world. If such verification body for strength in your vision of the world don't quite fit, welcome to the world of dry, boring, but correct and, in General, simple recommendations. First of all, pay attention to how You sit at the computer. To maintain the correct posture, your spine will relax and not tense up, will help rationally selected work chair or armchair. The chair should support the lower half of the back, but not to be rigidly fixed and not hinder your movements in the process. As for the table at which You will work, then the optimal experts believe a height of 75 to 85 cm above floor level (for a person of average height). Based on this, You can adjust and height of the chair so that You feel comfortable to sit. When You put your hands on the keyboard, try to find such a position in which the shoulders are relaxed and the arms bent at an angle of about 90В°. This position will ensure normal blood circulation. If the chair or the chair has armrests, check whether they are too high and if You do not rest them in the elbow so that the shoulders rise, thus affecting the cervical vertebrae. If you are working with keyboard, your brushes are on the table, and the fingers raised high above the keys, you can congratulate yourself: CCC will not forget You. This means that your keyboard is too high - it is one of the main causes of this disease. Wrists, of course, you can touch the table, but they definitely don't want to draw or transfer at least part of the weight of your body. However, some keyboards are so high that they necessarily have to work with their hands in an uncomfortable position. In this case, will help a special Mat for hands, which is widely sold in computer shops and is less expensive. Besides the function of raising the wrist at the level of the keyboard, this Mat prevents peretaplivanii bottom edge of the table. If the tilt of your keyboard easy to adjust, determine for yourself the most comfortable position. Some keyboards, such as the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, originally designed to meet the most stringent ergonomic requirements. If your job requires a large amount of text or You own "blind" method of printing, then You really worth to buy it. Otherwise, such "natural" keyboard not represent any value. The correct position of the hands when working with the mouse similar to the recommendations of the keyboard. The better the shape of the mouse fits your palm, the safer and easier it will be to work with her. So try to choose "mouse" with the hull as light as possible but not too small. And, finally, are not long in the same position, no matter how important You work with your computer. For relaxing muscles and tendons, generally speaking, requires very little time (1-2 minutes). But if You print constantly, or You have elevated blood pressure, the rest period should be increased, in order not to harm your health. The same recommendation of the experts give to those who are under stress..

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