Experts will defend patents folk healers on drugs

Experts will defend patents folk healers on drugsExperts will defend patents folk healers on drugs Among the medical problems that have to be addressed the participants at the Johannesburg world summit on sustainable development, will be those that will certainly cause a lot of smiles speakers and listeners. For example, at one of the sessions of the summit will consider the possibility of issuing traditional healers, representatives of tiny tribes and nationalities, patents discovered by vegetable and animal drugs. Organization, on demand which this question was included in the summit program is a Global Initiative for Traditional Systems of Health. In an interview with CNN, its Chairman, Professor at the Medical school of the University of Oxford Gerald Bodeker, resulted in several cases of clear violation of "copyright" healers pharmaceutical laboratories and companies that turn open the first means in a biologically active additives. For example, the pharmaceutical group Pfizer, obtained from a South African laboratory patent for the production of food additives for reducing appetite based on the pulp of cactus hoodia, and do not suspect that the recipe of this tool is not owned by pharmacists in South Africa, and healers nomadic tribe San living in the South-West Africa. The representatives of South Africa are confident that this tribe had died out when they are nomads, which managed to contact "Global Initiative", are ready to prove the opposite, and at the same time and demand with "Pfizer" significant compensation. "Such stories are not uncommon in countries where modern cities neighboring tribes, not recognizing civilization," said Professor Bodeker. Pharmaceutical giants forget that traditional healers is exactly the same scientists and explorers, as employees of the University laboratories. And their "unscientific" conditions, the drugs have the same right to existence and patenting, as usual tablet.".

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