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The TV and the computer cause mutations

The TV and the computer cause mutationsThe TV and the computer cause mutations Now an abundance of fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle has put humanity before one of the biggest problems of evolution. English Professor Andrew Prentis said that humanity is now exposed to the same changes that occurred 200 years ago, when the growth of Europeans increased by 30 see, However, the changes were favorable, and are increasingly common in many countries overweight will only bring sickness and suffering, said Prentiss. "In human evolution has been a significant change in the blink of an eye", he said at the festival of British science Association in Leicester. Humanity began to lead a sedentary lifestyle, unprecedented access to high-calorie foods. It is not a secret that in many countries, 20% of the population are obese and more than half has overweight. "Usually, evolution is a slow process, changes in the body occur slightly. But now humanity has changed the environment within one or two generations, and this has led to the restructuring of metabolism, which for thousands of years was aimed at the fight against hunger," the scientists say. Professor Prentis, expert in international nutrition from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, believes that the pandemic of obesity caused by the sedentary lifestyle associated with television, computerization and mechanization. He said that the health effects of backward people not very comforting: they will suffer from a large number of chronic diseases. From minor disorders, such as for example, shortness of breath and varicose veins, and to serious pathologies v diabetes and cancer. Prentis also reported an alarming number of cases of type II diabetes (usually occur in adulthood) in pediatric practice. "The pandemic of obesity rather gaining momentum than reduces them, and this intervention is marginally effective and extremely expensive. We are at a wonderful stage of human evolution. The growth that occurred 200 years ago, and stayed. Now we increase the volume, and it also will not change," says Professor Prentiss. Thus, it is neither diet nor the use of environmentally friendly products will not help to lose a few extra pounds accumulated by mankind in the process of evolution. By the way, in 1980, the average weight of males was 73,7 kg, women - 62,2. In 2000, these figures were respectively 81,6 and 68,8 kg Source: MIG News.

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