the girl found allergic to condoms!

the girl found allergic to condoms!With allergies, it would seem that such a harmless thing, as latex, recently faced Metropolitan physicians. Recently, the Institute of immunology of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation turned 28-year-old Muscovite with severe edema, resulting from the use of condoms. According to the Institute, to come for health care in the woman decided not immediately. Feeling the swelling and itching after intercourse, she went on survey to the gynecologist, afraid of sexually transmitted infections. However, fears were confirmed. But soon she noticed that unpleasant symptoms appear only after the partner is using a condom. With their suspected allergies lady and came in the Institute. The allergist has conducted a thorough examination, which showed that the body of the patient does not really "takes" of condoms, or rather, latex, from which they are made. Direct contact of this material with the mucous membranes and cause an allergic reaction - severe swelling and unbearable itching. It is noteworthy that the cause of this disease has become part of the profession girl - she is a nurse. For this reason, she has every day for a long time to wear gloves, made of latex. It gradually formed allergies. Future doctors advised unusual for the patient to use other contraceptives, and do not use latex products. Podrobnosti.Ua.

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