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Discoverer of stem cells publicly apologized and resigned

Discoverer of stem cells publicly apologized and resignedLeading South Korean specialist cloning, Professor Hwang Woo Juice on Thursday, November 24, renounced all his official positions and made a public apology. This happened after it was discovered that two of his collaborators gave their own eggs for research. It also emerged that were paid money to other women egg donors. The one and the other is a violation of the law on bioethics, which South Korea has taken in January. The Ministry of health spoke in defense of the scientist. The office announced that the scientist is not guilty of moral transgressions, nor financial violations: Professor about it knew nothing, and eggs were provided voluntarily, and even before the adoption of the new law. According to the press-Secretary of the Ministry of health, this step can only be explained from the perspective of Eastern culture and values and it is inappropriate to evaluate from the point of view of Western culture. Professor Hwang has received international recognition for receiving the first stem cells, genetically appropriate adults.

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