Sunbathing should wisely

Sunbathing should wiselySunbathing should wisely If You have fair skin and hair, freckles on the face, how do not try, You will never achieve the Negro tan. Because the skin bright people have little melanin - pigment tan, and red do not. What can you do? To use cosmetics with a high level of protection (the higher the number on the bottle or tube, the higher the level). Also don't stay in the sun longer than 15 minutes and get a tan only in the "soft" hours: from nine to eleven in the morning and from four to seven in the evening. If You have very light skin and dark brown hair, sunbathe in principle without problems, because the amount of melanin in the cells of your skin settled. But better not to risk and to gradually turn from pale city-dweller tanned nymph. In the early days of vacation do not forget about the danger of sunstroke. To prevent skin aging caused by UV rays, mates creams with high level of protection, then reaching up to lower. And remember: the sun that is cared for, protected, saved a lot longer. If You have dark skin and dark hair, tan sticks for two days, You don't know sunstroke. But from aging You are not insured. So do not think that the filtering creams are intended solely for "white men" Eskimos, " You too, they will come in handy. Each time, after returning from the beach, anoint the body moisturizing lotion, and face cream from wrinkles. Источник and Madlena.Ru.

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