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Instead transplantation - transplantation

Instead transplantation - transplantationFour of the five patients with severe heart failure did not need a heart transplant after the transplantation of autologous stem cells, reported by Brazilian scientists. Dr. Hans Fernando Rocha Dohman (Clinic Pro-Cardiaco, Rio de Janeiro) says that after stem-cell transplantation in four patients hemodynamics improved so much that the need for cardiac transplantation has disappeared. "This is particularly important in connection with the impossibility of carrying out cardiorespiratory the needy patients", said Dr. Dohman during a speech at the annual Congress of the European society of Cardiology. As previously announced, Dr. Dohman and his colleagues at the Texas Center for Medical Research (Houston) has succeeded in the improvement of cardiac function in 14 patients with severe heart failure (HF). Therapy included injection of stem cells in the bone marrow of the patient in the left ventricle. One of the proposed hypotheses explains the effectiveness of transplantation of stem cells by the formation of new cardiomycytes and blood vessels. Perhaps stem cells trigger the chemical reaction that improves the functioning of the cells near the injection site. "So far, the clinic is only autologous transplantation of stem cells; in the next 10 years is unlikely to be heterotransplantation", says Professor Juergen Heschler (University of Cologne). Now Dr. Rosen and his team are trying to use stem cells as "vectors" of genes that improve the electrophysiological function of the heart - in other words, to create a biological pacemaker.

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