Persuasive motive

Persuasive motivePersuasive motive *200r*each of us probably has its "obsession". Someone persistently recalculates white cars or carefully steps over the cracks on the pavement. And someone a hundred times a day washes his hands. It is a harmless habit or beginning of a serious illness? It turns out that such a ridiculous habit, by which we sometimes find ourselves in, is quite a normal phenomenon. If you do not become a character trait. Who is not familiar with the situation, when the head is constantly spinning motif hit or phrase from the boring commercials? Obsessive thoughts for a long time stuck in the mind. The most common is an overwhelming desire to return home to check off whether iron, locked or door. Person a burden this condition, but to get rid of it by an effort of will not succeed. If the actions, not thoughts again as stubborn vinyl, you can talk about obsessive actions. Painful desire for purity makes infinitely hand wash, boil linen, to carry out cleaning and disinfection in the home. Addicted to the account is expressed in the habit many times to count objects. No one thing can not be complete, if You are haunted by the desire to re-examine their actions. From some compulsive look funny at all. For example, someone gets stuck on what to wear clothes in a strict sequence. Obsessive habits can be an unconscious attempt to keep yourself in hand, to suppress aggression, escape from something unpleasant. Much more serious for other reasons, actually experienced in the past, failure, trauma and frustration. They leave the "notches" in memory, forming in the brain of the so-called congestive hearth excitation, which leads to an unconscious action. Meaningless actions can be caused by a feeling of inferiority. For example, pedantic people, afraid to fail in a major "battles", fighting over little things. Excessive pedantry responds headaches, deprives sleep, "runs" sexual disorders. But oddly enough, this trait sometimes helps to make a career. Because for some professions just a tendency to constantly analyze their actions, to perform all obligations to be accurate in the details - the pinnacle of skill. The obsessions have a lot in common with all sorts of phobias and fears associated with a particular situation. Fits all known claustophobia happen in confined spaces (say, in an Elevator). The man who is afraid of bridges or areas, trying to bypass their party or looking for a guide. Fear of disease - nosophobia - pushes on numerous, often unnecessary medical examinations. There is also a variety of specific disorders - fear blush (ereuthophobia) or go crazy (lyssophobia), fear of dying from a heart attack (cardiophobia), fear of sharp objects, intolerance phone calls and other. However, phobias annoy not so much because of traumatic situations can be avoided. But neurosis obsessive-compulsive disorder - a disorder that the patient always carries with him". It entangles every step of a man irresistible conventions, disrupting the normal rhythm of life, interfering with communication, proper work and rest. Noticed that this often happens with people suspicious, subconsciously waiting on failure in business. Yourself to get rid of the obsessions that bring so much suffering, is almost impossible. What can you do? Because such nervousness is lost inner fulcrum, you need to find support from others. It is better to address to the doctor-psychotherapist and detail to tell him about what happens to You. For relieve obsessive-compulsive disorder using various psychotherapeutic techniques, reflexology. Sometimes sessions are conducted by hypnosis. The aim of such treatment is to change the attitude of people. Psychotherapy, as a rule, combined with antidepressants and tranquilizers. Good results are obtained by so-called behavioral therapy. The patient is forced to endure the disturbing situation like in training mode several times in a row. And after this provocation is proposed to reduce habitual ritual (e.g., hand washing) to a minimum. By the way, intuitively also coped with their weaknesses Goethe. Being afraid of heights, he repeatedly up into the mountains. If You were captured obsessions - is a signal of serious personal problems. For starters, try to engage in activities in which success is not in doubt. Probably You are too demanding of themselves and others. The best way to reduce their claims and to learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Source:.

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