Bird flu in Russia confirmed

Bird flu in Russia confirmedThe Russian Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) has confirmed that in some regions of the Novosibirsk region identified avian influenza subgroup H5. "Research conducted by the Russian centre for the control of animal health, showed that in private households in the three districts of the Novosibirsk region - Dovolenskij, Kopinska and Chistoozern among poultry circulating influenza virus type a," - said the head of Department Sergey Dankvert. As previously reported, in Dovolenskij the district of Novosibirsk region have reported cases of avian flu have died there about 300 birds. Then received information about the death of 240 birds in one area - Couponscom. Although experts do not exclude the possibility that the disease may be associated with avian influenza. In early 2005, the world health organization has warned that the world faces a real danger of a pandemic caused by avian influenza virus, which is virtually impossible to treat. Читать полностью -->

Tattoo and piercing will be safe for health

Tattoo and piercing will be safe for healthTattoo and piercing will be safe for health Wide dissemination of tattoos, body piercing and other ways of decorating the human body using a variety of foreign objects that violate the integrity of the skin, causing more irritation among physicians of different specialties. Who filling "piercing parlors" and "tattoo studios" "beauticians" often don't have any idea about aseptic and antiseptic, so their customers instead of the original decorations get purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin, subcutaneous fat and internal organs (registered even a few deaths). That is why the UK Department of health has announced its intention to enact a strict licensing system cosmetic institutions offering such services. The basic principles of licensing of cosmetologists were developed by the Foundation for Vocational Training Charitable Trust is a non - profit organization, controlling the quality of work of the enterprises providing cosmetic services. Thus, it is intended to organize a special one-year course of tattoo and piercing, students will be able to talk not so much about new modes and features of jewelry design and drawings, many of the principles of asepsis and antisepsis, underlying the prevention of infectious complications. Classes will be not only theoretical but also practical - the last will take place on the basis of large cosmetic centres. Читать полностью -->

May diet

May dietMay diet Blitz diet for weight loss is fraught with a quick return of lost kg. Therefore, nutritionists much more likely to recommend long-term low-calorie mixed diet that allows you to rebuild the power supply system as a whole. Such diets are based on multiple, fractional power, and creating feelings of satiety due to the "bulk" food. The sense of volume is achieved by filling the stomach in large quantities of liquid and liquid food and vegetables-fruits. In may, just the possibility of such mixed moderate power: lots of vegetables and fruits (and last year, and new harvest), you can drink plenty of fluids (not too cold, and will not torment the frequent urge to urinate). And most importantly, may is the perfect month for long walks around 5-7 miles (an hour and a half walk), which reinforces positive (dare I say "miraculous") the action of the vegetable-fruit diet and helps normalize weight and improve health. Читать полностью -->

more useful For students late to bed and late to Wake up

more useful For students late to bed and late to Wake upSouth African scientists from the University of the Witwatersrand believe that a child is late to bed and late to Wake up is useful: it makes teenagers healthy and wise. "Forcing children to go to bed early or Wake them early in the morning - is contrary to the natural biological clock", - stated in the message of researchers. So, according to experts of the University, students often get less sleep than they need seven hours is the lack of sleep for this age group. In some schools, Israel and the United States have brought the beginning of the practice at a later time, understanding that lack of sleep won't do any good leads: sleepy students less attentive and actually do worse. Рњembrana. . Читать полностью -->

Think in a positive direction

Think in a positive directionThink in a positive direction A little criticism is always good, it really motivates a person to change and become better. But there is a huge difference between criticism Vila "I need to work harder', which encourages your motivation, and "I'm a unique person'. Excessive self-criticism can lead to the opposite result, because it focuses all the attention on failures instead, even small positive moments in life," says psychologist Tamara Chansky, PhD, author of Freeing yourself from anxiety'. And, studies show that in the long term, such samokritika conversations can lead to higher levels of stress and depression. Fortunately, there are many ways to make internal self-criticism to speak less tricks. Put negative thoughts in a box. Читать полностью -->

Began testing a reliable method of prenatal diagnosis of down syndrome

Began testing a reliable method of prenatal diagnosis of down syndromeBegan testing a reliable method of prenatal diagnosis of down syndrome American, English, Dutch and Danish doctors began clinical trials of a reliable and safe method of prenatal diagnosis of a form of mental retardation is down's syndrome. It is an incurable hereditary disease caused by the presence of one extra chromosome. The English firm "Applied Imaging has created a method of detecting cells of the embryo with an extra chromosome in the blood of pregnant women. This technique provides high accuracy of analysis that can detect these cells already on the ninth week of pregnancy, when their concentration exceeds one-hundred-million. If successful tests of the new method can find application in clinical practice. According to experts, this way you can diagnose and other chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus.. Читать полностью -->

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