Defibrillators in schools of America

Defibrillators in schools of AmericaJuly 1, 2003, President Bush signed the bill into law on allocation of special programs to equip American schools defibrillators. Its budget v about 25 million dollars, which should be used not only to purchase defibrillators, but also the creation of special manuals and training courses for students of non-medical professions to use this device. The reason for this document was the case with 13-year-old boy from Illinois, who during the occupation of baseball has hit the region of the heart, leading to cardiac arrest. Only thanks to the police, who had a defibrillator was able to restore cardiac activity of the child. Project sponsors believe that this bill is very important because a large concentration of people in schools provides a higher risk of them accidents requiring emergency care, including the use of defibrillators. Megafarm. Читать полностью -->

Suspected avian influenza a resident of Germany was not confirmed

 Suspected avian influenza a resident of Germany was not confirmedThe clinic Director of the Hamburg Institute of tropical medicine to them. Of Bernhard Bernhard Professor Gerd-Dieter Burchard reported that in the clinic, a young German tourist, who returned from Thailand, not infected by the virus avian influenza. The patient normal human flu, to determine exactly which kind, it will be possible after the final analyses, the results of which are expected from the Berlin Institute. Robert Koch. The state of the second woman, who also passed the examination for suspected avian influenza, did not cause too much concern from the very beginning. Грипп.RU. Читать полностью -->

aspirin discovered a new dangerous side effect

aspirin discovered a new dangerous side effectAmerican pharmacologists described another unpleasant side effect of anti-inflammatory drugs taken by millions of people to treat colds, headaches and hundreds of other conditions. It turns out that with prolonged use, these are considered pretty safe drugs can cause irreversible damage to the kidneys. As demonstrated by scientists from the American society of Nephrology, in people taking more than 300 grams of anti-inflammatory drugs in a year for the past 8-9 years (3-4 tablets of aspirin per day), several times more than usual, develops syndrome calcification of the kidneys (SICK). However, according to the researchers, this disease can affect only those people who have a genetic predisposition to it, while the rest, even taking kilograms painkillers, it is not threatened. . Читать полностью -->

Liquid condoms will be tested on humans

Liquid condoms will be tested on humansAustralian company Starpharma has received permission of the American control food and drug products Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical trials gel for the prevention of AIDS. Previously, these products were only tested on monkeys and showed stoprocent efficiency. In addition to the AIDS virus gel based antimicrobial chemicals (microbicides) killed pathogens herpes and chlamydia. In the world are a number of developments replacement of condoms to protect against AIDS and other diseases that can be transmitted sexually. Microbicides may also be contained in the suppositories and rings. If tests are successful, the gel will be available for purchase on prescription in 2005. Читать полностью -->

Cocoa, tea and wine are equally useful

Cocoa, tea and wine are equally usefulA study at Cornell University showed that a Cup of cocoa contains as many antioxidants as a Cup of green tea and a glass of red wine. Tea and wine are still considered to be the highest number of antioxidants, similar influence on the human organism coffee and other popular beverages while not thoroughly studied. Antioxidants protect the genetic apparatus of a living cell from free radicals and are used to prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The information was published in the journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Рњ . Читать полностью -->

Inflammation of the uterus

Inflammation of the uterusWhat are the most frequent causes of acute inflammation of the uterus? Usually acute epididymitis is associated with the development of post-abortion (often) and postpartum (less) infection that gets into the appendages of the uterus through the pipes. Acute inflammation is usually caused by Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and gonorrhea. Exacerbation of the inflammatory process may be caused by activation of autoinfection, reinfection and to be a consequence of nonspecific factors in the external environment (hypothermia, fatigue, comorbidities, and other). What are the symptoms of acute inflammation of the uterus? Appears pronounced pain localized in the lower abdomen, groin area to the right or left (or both sides for two-sided process). The pain radiates down (rump, external genital organs). Rapidly deteriorating General condition, body temperature rises to 38-39', you may receive the chills. Читать полностью -->

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