According to the latest data, almost thousand HIV-infected

According to the latest data, almost  thousand HIV-infectedAccording to the latest data, almost 200 thousand HIV-infected As of 15 may 2002 registered in the country of 194 thousand cases of HIV infection. These data was presented on Wednesday at a press conference the Director of the Russian Federal AIDS centre Vadim Pokrovsky. According to the expert, in December last year was registered about 177 thousand cases. Thus, only five months in the country had 17 thousand infected with HIV. Source:Interfax and Madlena.RU. . Читать полностью -->

Discoverer of stem cells publicly apologized and resigned

Discoverer of stem cells publicly apologized and resignedLeading South Korean specialist cloning, Professor Hwang Woo Juice on Thursday, November 24, renounced all his official positions and made a public apology. This happened after it was discovered that two of his collaborators gave their own eggs for research. It also emerged that were paid money to other women egg donors. The one and the other is a violation of the law on bioethics, which South Korea has taken in January. The Ministry of health spoke in defense of the scientist. The office announced that the scientist is not guilty of moral transgressions, nor financial violations: Professor about it knew nothing, and eggs were provided voluntarily, and even before the adoption of the new law. Читать полностью -->

the girl found allergic to condoms!

the girl found allergic to condoms!With allergies, it would seem that such a harmless thing, as latex, recently faced Metropolitan physicians. Recently, the Institute of immunology of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation turned 28-year-old Muscovite with severe edema, resulting from the use of condoms. According to the Institute, to come for health care in the woman decided not immediately. Feeling the swelling and itching after intercourse, she went on survey to the gynecologist, afraid of sexually transmitted infections. However, fears were confirmed. But soon she noticed that unpleasant symptoms appear only after the partner is using a condom. Читать полностью -->

The TV and the computer cause mutations

The TV and the computer cause mutationsThe TV and the computer cause mutations Now an abundance of fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle has put humanity before one of the biggest problems of evolution. English Professor Andrew Prentis said that humanity is now exposed to the same changes that occurred 200 years ago, when the growth of Europeans increased by 30 see, However, the changes were favorable, and are increasingly common in many countries overweight will only bring sickness and suffering, said Prentiss. "In human evolution has been a significant change in the blink of an eye", he said at the festival of British science Association in Leicester. Humanity began to lead a sedentary lifestyle, unprecedented access to high-calorie foods. It is not a secret that in many countries, 20% of the population are obese and more than half has overweight. "Usually, evolution is a slow process, changes in the body occur slightly. Читать полностью -->

Experts will defend patents folk healers on drugs

Experts will defend patents folk healers on drugsExperts will defend patents folk healers on drugs Among the medical problems that have to be addressed the participants at the Johannesburg world summit on sustainable development, will be those that will certainly cause a lot of smiles speakers and listeners. For example, at one of the sessions of the summit will consider the possibility of issuing traditional healers, representatives of tiny tribes and nationalities, patents discovered by vegetable and animal drugs. Organization, on demand which this question was included in the summit program is a Global Initiative for Traditional Systems of Health. In an interview with CNN, its Chairman, Professor at the Medical school of the University of Oxford Gerald Bodeker, resulted in several cases of clear violation of "copyright" healers pharmaceutical laboratories and companies that turn open the first means in a biologically active additives. For example, the pharmaceutical group Pfizer, obtained from a South African laboratory patent for the production of food additives for reducing appetite based on the pulp of cactus hoodia, and do not suspect that the recipe of this tool is not owned by pharmacists in South Africa, and healers nomadic tribe San living in the South-West Africa. The representatives of South Africa are confident that this tribe had died out when they are nomads, which managed to contact "Global Initiative", are ready to prove the opposite, and at the same time and demand with "Pfizer" significant compensation. Читать полностью -->

Lice prefer clean heads

Lice prefer clean headsLice prefer clean heads According to German doctors, head lice has nothing to do with lack of hygiene. "Lice are equally attacking the poor and the rich," says Markus Schimmelpfennig, head of the Department of hygiene in the health Department in the city of Kassel. But we must add that insects prefer people who frequently wash the hair and scalp, respectively, net. So VSAM easier to suck blood.". . . Читать полностью -->

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