Paid medicine is not better than the usual

Paid medicine is not better than the usualPaid medicine is not better than the usual One of the most common medical myths is the myth about the benefits of paid medicine - say, if physicians receive for their work is good money, they treat patients with the utmost attention and strive to truly help the sick, not just to quickly get rid of them. But, as shown by studies conducted by canadian scientists, the real situation in medicine is completely the opposite of this myth. Data provided to them in the last issue of "Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that paid medical institutions that do not receive state funding and owned by private individuals, the mortality rate is 2% higher than the average for state hospitals. This seemingly small difference means that if all hospitals in Canada will be paid (such as health care reform has long been debated by government), each year the number of deaths of their patients will increase compared to current rates at 2200. "We assume that the reason for increased mortality of patients pay medical institutions - some "minor" errors committed by their employees in order to obtain greater profits, - said the head of the study, Dr. Devereaux from McMasters University in Ontario. Читать полностью -->

who said that in Toronto defeated SARS

who said that in Toronto defeated SARSThe world health organization (who) on Wednesday said that Canada is no longer a country dangerous in terms of atypical pneumonia. As stated in the official statement posted Wednesday night on Wednesday on the official website of the who, all infected with SARS Canadians isolated in medical institutions. This decision is based on the fact that since the isolation of the last detected the patient has been more than 20 days - two incubation periods of the disease, which means that the virus in the country is now under control and is not transmitted from one person to another. For the time elapsed since the beginning of the spread of the disease, in Canada's largest city Toronto from SARS died 23 people. Now Toronto is excluded from the list of hazardous from the point of view of comparing infection SARS cities on the planet.. . Читать полностью -->

Antenatal prevention and primary nursing patient

Antenatal prevention and primary nursing patientHow is the patronage of a pregnant woman? As soon as a pregnant woman becomes registered in female consultation, information is transmitted in the regional children's hospital. The ward nurse performs 2 antenatal patronage to the pregnant woman. First of patronage shall be conducted within the first 10 days after admission to the hospital information about the pregnant woman, and the second during the period of maternity leave pregnant, during the 32nd week of pregnancy. When conducting patronage nurse gives pregnant tips on relaxation, nutrition, helps prepare the Breasts for lactation. Visiting nurse must help the expectant mother to prepare everything necessary to care for a newborn with regard to the living conditions of the family. As should be organized nutrition of pregnant women? Much attention in the patronage nurse pays nutrition. Читать полностью -->

Dust may affect the developing fruits

Dust may affect the developing fruitsDust and other types of pollution can affect not only people and animals, but also on developing fruits, than, say researchers In mice, led her out of the polluted air from the steel plant, the much more likely the children were born with obvious genetic mutations compared to mice led her out of the filtered air, and found that a group of scientists from Macmasters University, Toronto. "Our study identifies a portable air particles, which contribute to the stimulation of heritable mutations in mice, however, a direct link between mutations and impact on health has not been established," they write. "Despite this, structural changes in DNA were detected in the semen of humans after contact with contaminated air," write the researchers. Air pollution has also been associated with cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and birth defects, the researchers say, referring to numerous studies. Christopher Somers (Christopher Somers and colleagues placed the mice in cages in the periods in which the wind brought the pollution from the steel mill, Hamilton (Ontario). Some mice received filtered air, and the other got what brings the wind. Читать полностью -->

Methods of Ayurvedic treatment

Methods of Ayurvedic treatmentLemon cleanses the blood, liver, lymphatic system and the pancreas. Use as follows: on an empty stomach drink warm water knead one slice of lemon. Apple cider vinegar cleanses the liver, kidneys, intestines from toxins, good for the lymphatic system. Take vinegar 1 tablespoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach. To cleanse the body can not only Apple cider vinegar, but also used melon, cabbage, red currant, cherry, cranberry. Free melon, arrange melon day. Читать полностью -->

In Dagestan, an outbreak of typhoid

In Dagestan, an outbreak of typhoidThe diagnosis of typhoid fever confirmed in 16 of the inhabitants of the village of Orta-Stal Suleiman stalkage district of Dagestan. In addition, the district hospital delivered 75 people with symptoms of illness (fever), 23 ill put primary diagnosis, Interfax reported, citing the Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic. Another 52 people with symptoms of the disease are under medical supervision. Among patients with typhoid fever - 11 children, according to NTV. According to the centre of the state, source of mass infection citizens became contaminated tap water. In this regard, the team of doctors conducting the necessary control measures, ITAR-TASS reported. Читать полностью -->

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