the AIDS Epidemic will destroy Russia

the AIDS Epidemic will destroy RussiaAIDS Foundation East-West" is a non - governmental non-profit organization established with the support of the government of the Netherlands and the Institute "open Society", to combat the AIDS epidemic in the territory of the former USSR and Mongolia. This structure is separated from the well-known organization "Doctors without borders". The headquarters are located in Moscow, representative offices in Kiev and Almaty. Now sells more than ten different projects, focusing on AIDS prevention and care. General Director of the AIDS Foundation East-West" Rian van De Braak and Director of programmes of the organization WIM lander commented in an interview with WPF the situation of AIDS in Russia. According to them, it is catastrophic. Читать полностью -->

Questions of medical chemistry

Questions of medical chemistryQuestions of medical chemistry Scientific and practical journal. On available guidelines for authors, table of contents and the full texts of a large number of articles of the journal, beginning with No. 1 for 1999 (however, with a large delay from time out magazine).. . . . Читать полностью -->

Climate change reduce germs crazy

Climate change reduce germs crazyClimate change reduce germs crazy Global climate change on the planet is threatened by the increase of infectious diseases among animals and humans. As scientists say, global warming destroys the existing ecosystem, putting pathogenic microbes in a more advantageous position. The increase in the number react as disease vectors (mosquitoes, ticks, rodents), and microorganisms. Scientists note that with increasing temperature increasing, not only in the reproduction of insects, but their growth rate, the frequency of bites. Warmer winters may mean the disappearance of seasonal obstacles to the existence of sources of infection. Researchers are urged to pay more attention to the study of the mechanism of disease transmission and individual climate effects. Читать полностью -->

German ophthalmologists figured out how to restore sight to the blind

German ophthalmologists figured out how to restore sight to the blindIn Hamburg successfully completed experiments on implantation of the microchip, which can restore sight to the blind. Two patients University hospital Hamburg in Eppendorf (UKE) implanted microchips. After undergoing implantation patients began to discern the outlines of objects and colors. The operation is performed under local anesthesia to patients suffering from atrophy of the optic nerve. Before treatment they could only slightly to see the world. The main goal of the experiment was to verify that a microchip implanted in the eye, capable of receiving an electrical impulse and force ganglion cells of the retina to function. Читать полностью -->

pressure Reduction prolongs life

pressure Reduction prolongs lifeLowering blood pressure increases the duration of a person's life for several years. This statement was made by American scientists from Boston. According to the results of their research, which was attended by nearly 60 thousand people, timely elimination of hypertension (high blood pressure) non-pharmacological methods (for example, using a specially tailored diet) increases the life expectancy of a person for 3-5 years. If simultaneously with the correction of arterial pressure is more and correction of incipient diabetes, you 'win' is even bigger and is 4-6 years. . Читать полностью -->

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa yogaAshtanga Vinyasa yoga One of the most powerful and effective of the currently known systems of Hatha yoga, a Keeper of the tradition which is currently the Sri Pattabhi Jois (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois), head of the school of yoga in Mysore, South India. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic practice that includes asanas, interconnected complexes movements (Vinyasa, and performed in conjunction with pranayama (breathing in a certain way), bandhani (energy locks) and drishti (focus on certain points). At run time, the practice persists Dhyana (meditative state of consciousness). The term "Vinyasa" is translated as "respiratory musculoskeletal system of exercises". When sinhronizovani movement with breath type and performed pranayama and application during execution of asanas power locks mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, jalandhara Bandha, in the body there is a strong internal heat causing excessive sweating. Читать полностью -->

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