The older and more educated than the husband, the happier the couple

The older and more educated than the husband, the happier the coupleThe older and more educated than the husband, the happier the couple This statement was made by the economists (!) WIM Groot (Maastricht University) and Henriett Maassen (University of Amsterdam). In the survey, conducted by scientists participated 1478 couples who had to determine on a scale of ten, how harmonious family life. The results of the study showed that in families where the man is significantly older than the wife, the luck factor is equal to 7.6 points, and among couples where the woman is older than her husband - to 7.3. In his research report, scientists wrote that 'for women aged men is more important than attractiveness. Because only a man of older age can guarantee your partner stability and security'. It is not surprising that Mature men want to see as wives young and pretty girls, in the company of which they can show off the eloquence and intelligence. Читать полностью -->

About the properties of stones and talismans

About the properties of stones and talismansAbout the properties of stones and talismans The choice and the time-worn stones are placed in a defined relationship with the planets and zodiacal constellations. The most favorable and are happy for the person those stones that are associated with the constellation of the Zodiac, the dominant one in the sky at the moment of birth and, on the contrary, the stones of the constellation, the opposite constellation born man, will be in dissonance with his nature and ruin his life. It is known that the stolen stones are negative properties, and purchased, on the contrary, become talismans. Best mascots are the stones, donated or inherited. Also not indifferent to the stones to the floor of its owner - womens stones happier at the hand of men, men on the woman's hand. Stones men are brighter and have dark tones and shades. Читать полностью -->

Cigarettes with low tar safer?

Cigarettes with low tar safer?In early January 2004 in the British Medical Journal published the results of a study examining mortality from lung cancer in smokers who preferred different tar and nicotine cigarettes with filter (ultra-light, light and traditional). Previous research suggests that smokers of "light" cigarettes inhale more deeply, staying longer smoke inside and smoke more cigarettes. Thus, all the "advantages" of "light" cigarettes evaporate like smoke from them! By itself, the conclusion is not new, albeit subconsciously, but guessed that many, not only specialists, but "heroes of the occasion - smokers! However, assumptions now found a scientific basis. It is important to note that this conclusion was made on the basis of the survey 940,774 Americans over the age of 30, which in 1982 were ranked on the present, past smokers and those who never smoked. It is among them that in the next 6 years were studied deaths from lung cancer. The results show that there are no differences in the frequency of deaths from lung cancer among individuals who use cigarettes with different nicotine content and resins. Читать полностью -->

"a Vaccine against Smoking" has become closer?

According to British scientists, testing a new vaccine from Smoking successfully. The developers of the pharmaceutical company Xenova say that it can be taught even teenagers, in order to discourage them desire to smoke. However, skeptics doubt that one shot, or one drop of vaccine can be so easy to end nicotine addiction - they say it can only be an additional help in the way of deliverance. The vaccine is that the brain of the smoker stops to get pleasure from nicotine . To apply it is possible also in the case of cocaine addiction. The vaccine is based on protein extracted from the same bacteria. Читать полностью -->

the Americans were forbidden to grant patents on human mutants

 the Americans were forbidden to grant patents on human mutantsOn Monday, U.S. lawmakers were forbidden to grant patents on human organisms. We are talking primarily about genetically modified human embryos. As explained by one of the members of Parliament, Dave Weldon (Dave Weldon), patents as before will be issued on the cells, tissues, individual genes and new biological techniques. Thus, scientists can not be afraid that their biotechnological inventions will become unprotected. The head of the U.S. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have proven that cell phones do not work on the brain

Scientists have proven that cell phones do not work on the brainKorean scientists have proved that electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones does not cause harm to the human body. Researchers cytological tests did not reveal any evidence of harmful effects of electromagnetic fields of mobile phones on the cells. However, scientists are not yet ready to consider the conclusions they reach the final and intend to continue this research. She. . . Читать полностью -->

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