Cause of death from avian influenza can be a good immunity

Cause of death from avian influenza can be a good immunityThe reason for the high percentage of deaths with the defeat of avian influenza in healthy young people that these people have a good immune system. Such a paradoxical conclusion Hong Kong virologists. History of diseases "bird flu" in its most dangerous varieties of H5N1 in South-East Asia, shows that the virus literally raises the "storm" in the human immune system that ultimately leads to his death. Hong Kong microbiologists believe that the H5N1 virus penetrate the human body, especially healthy, makes proteins, known as cytokines, produced in large quantities to assist the affected lungs of the patient, causing an overreaction of the immune system, this factor can lead to a fatal outcome. Over the past two years in South East Asia, especially in Vietnam and Thailand, from "bird flu" has died at least 63 people, most of them children and young people. RIA "Novosti"". Читать полностью -->

Abortion does not affect the occurrence of breast cancer

Abortion does not affect the occurrence of breast cancerIn a woman's life can happen. Sometimes an unwanted pregnancy. Until recently in the women's area was extended "fright" - "abortion provokes Oncology breast cancer". However, scientists from Oxford University, comparing the results of 53 clinical trials, which covered 44, thousands of women from 16 countries, concluded that the miscarriages and abortion prakticheski not affect the chances of breast tumors. Women breathe calmly. Читать полностью -->

Flash unknown deadly disease in Bangladesh

Flash unknown deadly disease in BangladeshIn Bangladesh province Faridpur (150 km North of Dhaka) registered cases of an unknown disease. The disease has already claimed the lives of 12 people. In infected people, most of whom are teenagers, high temperature, headache and vomiting. Some of these symptoms are accompanied by diarrhea. Doctors find it difficult to identify the disease. Some believe that we are talking about the outbreak of "bird flu", which applies at present in South East Asia. Читать полностью -->

Shows the genetic cause of senile degeneration of retina

Shows the genetic cause of senile degeneration of retinaShows the genetic cause of senile degeneration of retina Previously believed that this incurable disease can be caused by Smoking, high cholesterol levels and solar radiation. It has now been proven that there is another cause is genetic. Research Director Michael Dean of the National cancer Institute stated that now has a real opportunity to determine the risk for a hereditary form of the disease and take preventive measures. Source: Solvay Pharma. . . Читать полностью -->

breast Cancer leads to depression

breast Cancer leads to depressionThe purpose of the study Osborne RH, Elsworth GR, Hopper JL was to determine the prevalence of anxiety and depression among 731 women with breast cancer, aged 23-60 years. The study results were published in the journal Eur J Cancer 2003 Apr and stated that the prevalence of probable mental disorder because of fear of falling in the hospital was 23%, due to depression - 3%. When women were asked to include in the survey "possible" cases of disorders, their prevalence was 45% and 12% respectively. Moreover, scholars have noted that greater concern are young, uneducated women than those who are older and with education, however, all women, without exception, had no serious risk of developing depression. The results of this study highlight the need for clinicians who must identify the most vulnerable subgroup of the population for depression, given their age, education and living conditions. [News.Battery.Ru] . Читать полностью -->

Medical mystery

Medical mystery1. Every patient has the right to privacy, and the doctor, as well as others involved in health care are obligated to maintain confidentiality, even after the patient's death, as the very fact of seeking care, if the patient is not ordered otherwise. 2. Secret applies to all information obtained in the process of application and treatment of the patient (diagnosis, treatments, prognosis, and others). 3. Medical information about the patient may be disclosed: by clearly expressed written consent of the patient; on a reasoned request of the bodies of inquiry, investigation, prosecution and court; if confidentiality is significantly threatens the health and life of the patient and (or) other persons (infectious diseases); in the case of attraction to the treatment of other professionals for whom this information is professionally necessary. Читать полностью -->

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