Better to my heart ached?

Better to my heart ached?Heart attacks, which are not accompanied by pain in the chest are much more dangerous, they are less likely to notice and cure even worse when you notice. These are the sad results of a recent study released by the 9th of August. The report, published in the medical journal Chest ("Breast"), the researchers analyzed data collected in 14 countries, according to statistics 20881 patients hospitalized with acute coronary syndrome. 1763 or 8% of these patients complained of chest pain. In this group were mostly elderly people, women and diabetics. The researchers also found that one in four patients from this group initially was the wrong diagnosis, whereas among patients complained of chest pain this has happened only every fiftieth. Читать полностью -->

Potato mask (for aging skin)

Potato mask (for aging skin)Potato mask (for aging skin) 1 raw potato, 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of milk. Potatoes to grate, add to the mix the egg yolk and milk. Mix everything carefully. To distribute the weight between two layers of gauze and put on face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then cool. Source:. Читать полностью -->

In Russia, million HIV-infected

In Russia, million HIV-infectedIn the world more than 40 million people living with HIV, and about a million of them live in Russia. These data, at a press conference in Moscow led one of the leaders of the United Nations programme on AIDS Bertil Lindblad. The head of the Russian center for AIDS Vadim Pokrovsky, in turn, said that every day in Russia is 100 infected more, and only them, according to official data, more than 335 thousand, although in reality this number is several times higher. Radio "Freedom"". . . Читать полностью -->

slimming Americans invented diet alcohol

slimming Americans invented diet alcoholDiet wine low carb diet started producing an American company Brown-Forman. Foods low in carbohydrates, very popular in USA and are consistent with the recommendations of the famous nutritionist Atkins. However, diet alcoholic drinks appeared on the market for the first time. In the development of these products, the company has invested about a million dollars. Five million would be spent on their advertising. New wine will be sold at a price of about $ 10 per bottle. Читать полностью -->

Fixed mass poisoning by psychotropic drug

Fixed mass poisoning by psychotropic drugMass poisoning by psychotropic medication was noted by the physicians of the city. As reported by our Ural correspondent in the regional sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, several addicts have been poisoned by a substance called haloperidol. Doctors noted that today in Yekaterinburg, one man tried to poison the same drug deliberately, wanting to commit suicide. In drugstores of Yekaterinburg increased control over the sale of this drug. DCL. . Читать полностью -->


ComaCOMA - unconsciousness caused by impaired function of the brain stem. Etiology: traumatic brain injury, stroke, infection, status epilepticus, brain tumors, exogenous intoxication, violation of systemic metabolism (diabetes, hypoglycemia, uremia, eclampsia, thyrotoxicosis), and other Crucial role in the development of coma plays a lesion of the ascending activating systems of the brain stem and interstitial brain. The symptoms for. Depending on the severity of the disturbance of the vital functions who are divided into several degrees. When mild coma patients respond to painful stimuli; reflexes saved by the mucous membrane of the nose, corneal and pupillary; sometimes retained tendon reflexes and is called the symptom Babinski. Expressed degree of coma: reaction only intense pain stimuli, impaired swallowing, however when getting food into the respiratory tract occurs reflex cough, breathing stercorosus, often by type of Cheyne-Stokes equations. Читать полностью -->

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