America poisoned Chukotka

America poisoned ChukotkaThe inhabitants of Chukotka constantly eat the most poisonous in the world of products containing hazardous substances. This was reported by the staff of the scientific society "Arctic Monitoring Program". The researchers concluded that most of the "Chukotka" chemicals are Russian in origin, although some substances in food of the inhabitants of the region from the United States - through seawater and seafood. According to experts "Arctic Monitoring Program", the Russian authorities are obliged to take measures to protect their populations from pollutants, and to reduce their release into the environment. At least, this requires the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants, to which Russia joined in 2002. Mednovosti.Ru. Читать полностью -->

Lamp surgical PR-C Option a

Lamp surgical PR-C Option aThe surgical lamp mobile, Mobile light (3 bulbs). Provides illumination of the working field from 85 klk and "cold" light. Manufacturer: "VNIIMP-VITA". . . . Читать полностью -->

New era in the study of stress

New era in the study of stressExperiments have shown that in the blood of test subjects tested after they stress not only increases the concentration of adrenaline, but also found specific molecules that play an important role in the aging process. That stress is harmful to health, has long been known, but only now German researchers for the first time were able to prove that at the molecular level. Stress not only increases the adrenaline... "We knew before that the increased concentration in the blood of the so-called stress hormones - epinephrine or norepinephrine is detrimental to the condition of blood vessels and of the organism as a whole," said Peter Nawrot (Peter Nawroth), head of the Department of endocrinology and metabolism Heidelberg University clinics, but now it was the first to trace the whole chain of reactions from mental load and excretion of hormones to molecular changes in the cell nucleus!". Experiments have shown that in the blood of test subjects tested after they stress not only increases the concentration of adrenaline, but also found specific molecules called transcription factor "NF-kappaB", plays an important role in the aging process and controls many genes involved in inflammatory reactions. According to doctors, this discovery marks a new era in the study of stress ( Читать полностью -->

After successful relief of ventricular fibrillation, shown therapeutic hypothermia

After successful relief of ventricular fibrillation, shown therapeutic hypothermiaAdult patients who continue to remain unconscious after a successful edema ventricular fibrillation, shown therapeutic hypothermia. This writes the working group of the International joint Committee on Resuscitation in the production of Circulation for July 8. At the same time, scientists do not recommend the use of hypothermia in people who have had severe cardiogenic shock, jizneugrojath fibrillation and in patients with primary coagulopathy and pregnant. The basis of the new recommendations on the results of two randomized prospective trials. First performed in 9 centers in Europe, consisted of 136 people in the hypothermia group and 137 in the group normothermia. The second included, respectively, 43 and 34 people and was conducted in 4 hospitals of Australia. Читать полностью -->

Chinese medicine protects astronauts from radiation

Chinese medicine protects astronauts from radiationChinese medicine protects astronauts from radiation Medicines traditional Chinese medicine will be used in the Chinese space program. The results of studies of the health of astronauts in recent years have shown that these medications and therapy to neutralize the damage of the brain to cosmic radiation. Indicators of strength and endurance, as well as the heart and lungs were better than those of the astronauts who took the drug, made according to traditional recipes. On the days in space was launched by the Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-6 with two astronauts on Board. When training for flight use of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the chief doctor of the Chinese space center Lee Yun Zhi, both the astronaut feel good. Читать полностью -->

In Hungary surgeons confused patients

In Hungary surgeons confused patientsAnother scandal related to health, broke out in Hungary. In one of the prestigious hospitals of Szeged doctors mistakenly performed, the patient is a complicated surgery on the skull ended in death. As shown by the investigation, the clinic staff had to operate on the wrong patient, who was on the operating table, and his roommate. In the "under the knife" hit man, has not passed the necessary examinations, and that was the cause of death. In addition, because of the errors were obtained before surgery consent for surgery (signed, of course, the sick, which it had to be done) turned out to be invalid. Hungarian prosecutors have opened a criminal case and looking for the guilty in the tragedy. Читать полностью -->

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