Instead of ketamine veterinarians will be planted for laurabolin

Instead of ketamine veterinarians will be planted for laurabolinThe management of the Federal service for drug control of the Yaroslavl oblast has filed 2 criminal proceedings against 4 veterinarians, accused in the illegal purchase, transportation and storage for the purpose of marketing and sales of the drug laurabolin, steroid use as anabolic in veterinary medicine and in bodybuilding. According to the lawyer Eugene Chernousova, in the recent past focused on "ketamine" cases, the doctor-veterinarian Alexander Milevsky charged in 2 hours and 3 tbsp. 234 ("Illegal purchase, transportation and storage for sales and marketing of potent substances by previous concert by a group of people - up to 5 years imprisonment and Distribution of toxic substances in a large amount from 4 to 8 years). In addition, the doctor, according to the staff of the drug control Department, it was discovered ketamine, but this fact the doctor denies. Alexander Shchukin from Yaroslavl clinic "Biosphere" charged hours 3 tbsp. 234 hours and 1 tbsp. Читать полностью -->

Passive relaxation

Passive relaxationThe main purpose of the method of Bates, as is evident from the previous chapters, is to achieve the ideal state of mental relaxation. To achieve this purpose, we developed a series of exercises that can be grouped into several broad categories. All exercises with hands " feel used to treat refractive errors, presbyopia and strabismus practically without any changes and form the basis of treatment for all these types of visual impairment. Therefore, they are given to special exercises for each type of visual impairment, which already differ from each other and are of a specific nature. In conjunction with the special exercises basic exercises form a method of treatment of a disease or other lack of vision. All the nuances associated with the use of basic exercises in the treatment of a particular impairment described in the relevant sections of the Chapter "Additional comments and special exercises". Читать полностью -->

Pregnant women are forbidden to work on the computer

Pregnant women are forbidden to work on the computerPregnant women are forbidden to work on the computer. It is sanitary and hygienic requirement applies in Russia for seven years, but still many women do not know about their rights, and employers are often not consciously inform them. From computer a pregnant woman should be exempted from the date of medical certificate regardless of the duration of pregnancy. For admission to the computer workers "in position" head of the company will be fined, said sanitary. According to doctors, this rule is explained by the peculiarities of this activity: a sedentary mode of operation leads to stagnation in the circulatory system, there is a voltage of view. In addition, it is still not studied the influence of electromagnetic waves on the embryo. Читать полностью -->

Diet for weight nabradia

Diet for weight nabradiaBREAKFAST: a glass of fruit juice, a large portion of oatmeal, soaked evening with milk or water before use, seasoned with honey, grated Apple and grated nuts. A big piece of bread with butter and 2-3 cups of cocoa. SECOND BREAKFAST: a Cup of broth with egg yolk or a glass of fruit juice with honey and egg yolk, or a large piece of bread with butter and sausage, or a piece of bread with butter 50 grams of chocolate a Cup of yogurt. LUNCH: a Cup of a thick soup or fatty broth, pasta, or potatoes, or dumplings or rice with butter, salad with butter or mayonnaise. Large portions of meat. For dessert, pudding or ice cream coffee with cream. Читать полностью -->

it is Established that, when in sleep there is no time better to curl up in the morning

it is Established that, when in sleep there is no time better to curl up in the morningPsychiatrists from Stanford University (California) began to study the human response to lack of sleep. Their first conclusion: if a person cannot sleep, it is better to not sleep late at night and early in the morning, he will sleep better. Also the initial stage of the study showed that there is a huge variation of different reactions to the lack of sleep. A study conducted by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists behaviorists, led by Professor Christine Gianino. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of sleep on the body and, in particular, on the productivity of the person, as well as the search for the optimum time period that the person with disabilities is better to allocate to sleep. The studies were conducted in 8 men aged from 18 to 25 years. Читать полностью -->

First photo of a deadly strain of avian flu

First photo of a deadly strain of avian fluSwedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyeter first napisala enlarged photo of the H5N1 strain with a high resolution. Picture was taken after the pre-scan image obtained heavy duty electronic microscope. Unique frame managed to get a scientific photographer Lennart Nilsson from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. It H5N1 looks like the thread bluish microscopic balls, attacking and destroying healthy pink cells of the human body. Initially, the 83-year-old Nilson asked to take a sample of the virus in several laboratories in the United States, but he refused. Subsequently, the photographer still got the virus from the world health organization. Читать полностью -->

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