Sterilization of surgical instruments

Sterilization of surgical instrumentsHow is the sterilization of surgical gloves and brushes? Sterilized gloves is usually produced in an autoclave, for which gloves check carefully pour talcum powder inside and out, wrap gauze cloth. Can be sterilized gloves in a dry-heat chamber or by boiling. Pre-washed brush dipped for 2 - 3 hours in a disinfectant solution and only then sterilized by boiling. How is the sterilization of surgical instruments? Surgical instruments thoroughly washed in running water and dried. Then he lay down for 30 minutes in pre-heated to 50 'With a solution of washing powder, which added a few tablets perhydrol. Then again washed in running water and dried. Читать полностью -->


EctropionEtiology, pathogenesis. Cicatricial ectropion is formed as a result of tightening of the eyelid skin after injuries, burns, systemic lupus erythematosus and other pathological processes. Spastic ectropion occurs as a result of contraction of the orbital part of the circular muscles of the eye. Senile ectropion is a consequence of the weakness of this muscle. Paralytic ectropion occurs only on the lower eyelid and there is paralysis of the facial nerve. The symptoms for. Читать полностью -->

The first cloned baby was born

The first cloned baby was bornThe first cloned baby was born French scientist and member of the sect of reliance preaching extraterrestrial origin of life on the planet, Brigitte Boiselle on the evening of December 26, told AFP that the birth of the first cloned baby. He was born by caesarean section. Boiselle is President of the company, dealing with developments in the field of human cloning Clonaid, which belongs to the sect of reliance. She refused to let circumstances and place of birth of the clone, promising that they will make a public announcement on December 27 in Florida. Source: Kommersant. . Читать полностью -->

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