Chinese medicine protects astronauts from radiation

Chinese medicine protects astronauts from radiationChinese medicine protects astronauts from radiation Medicines traditional Chinese medicine will be used in the Chinese space program. The results of studies of the health of astronauts in recent years have shown that these medications and therapy to neutralize the damage of the brain to cosmic radiation. Indicators of strength and endurance, as well as the heart and lungs were better than those of the astronauts who took the drug, made according to traditional recipes. On the days in space was launched by the Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-6 with two astronauts on Board. When training for flight use of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the chief doctor of the Chinese space center Lee Yun Zhi, both the astronaut feel good. Читать полностью -->

In Hungary surgeons confused patients

In Hungary surgeons confused patientsAnother scandal related to health, broke out in Hungary. In one of the prestigious hospitals of Szeged doctors mistakenly performed, the patient is a complicated surgery on the skull ended in death. As shown by the investigation, the clinic staff had to operate on the wrong patient, who was on the operating table, and his roommate. In the "under the knife" hit man, has not passed the necessary examinations, and that was the cause of death. In addition, because of the errors were obtained before surgery consent for surgery (signed, of course, the sick, which it had to be done) turned out to be invalid. Hungarian prosecutors have opened a criminal case and looking for the guilty in the tragedy. Читать полностью -->

Proper diet protects against stones

Proper diet protects against stonesEating foods rich in unsaturated fats, can be a good way to prevent diseases of the gallbladder. This was reported by scientists from Harvard University. As shown by their research, which have been studied medical card 45756 people (primarily doctors of different specialties), people who prefer the so-called Mediterranean diet (most rich in unsaturated fats because of the patient's consumption of olive oil and vegetable products), the likelihood of gallstone disease is reduced compared to average 18-20 percent. It can be considered rich in unsaturated fats diet one of the most effective methods of prevention of this disease. KM.RU: Health. . Читать полностью -->


BlepharitisBLEPHARITIS - inflammation of the eyelid margins. The diverse etiology: chronic infectious and infectious-allergic diseases, vitamin deficiencies, anemia, worm infestations, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, teeth, nose, throat. Predisposing factors are neskorrigirovannoe of ametropia, chronic conjunctivitis, diseases of the lacrimal ducts, wind, dust, smoke. The symptoms for. There are blepharitis simple, or scaly, and ulcerative majamay. In simple blepharitis eyelids slightly hypermonogenic, sometimes slightly thickened, covered with fine grayish-white scales. Читать полностью -->


BonesMuscle cells increase in volume, shrink, grow old and die, but do not increase in number. Bones behave differently. From birth to death, they constantly absorb various substances dissolve and thanks to this reform (changing the shape and dimensions), so cells that make up bones, no time for aging. The process of formation prevails until late adolescence (absorption exceeds resorption), so the skeleton increases in size. During early adulthood mass of skeletal remains more or less unchanged, and then, after about 40 years, resorption exceeds formation, resulting in a gradual reduction of total bone mass (this process is called osteoporosis) 0.3-0.5% per year. The old man loses the order of 20-30% of the skeletal mass, women - up to 50%. Читать полностью -->

Hollywood diet

Hollywood dietHollywood diet Because carbohydrates are still considered a cause of completeness, there was the so-called "Hollywood diet" with luxury and exotic food products like pineapple, oysters, salmon and papaya. Counting calories is not necessary. In the old days it was believed that the enzymes in exotic fruits can help in burning fat. Although already decades ago, this enzyme theory exposed as pure nonsense, it still lasted until our days. The success of the "Hollywood diet" was achieved thanks to the glory of Hollywood stars that are on such a diet has kept the elegance of its lines. They could afford to dump weight by means of oysters. Читать полностью -->

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