Consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of heart attack

Consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of heart attackConsumption of olive oil reduces the risk of heart attack According to research group of the University of Navarra (Spain), the consumption of olive oil in 74% reduces the risk of myocardial infarction. As noted by one of the project managers, Miguel angel Martinez, a long time ago it was said that "the Mediterranean diet protects people from heart disease, which is the main cause of death in Western countries. Only now, however, scientists were able to obtain concrete results regarding the beneficial effects of olive oil, which is the main element of the "Mediterranean diet". Scientists also found that the risk of heart attack is further reduced if a large part consumed by the patient of the calories comes from olive oil instead of other products. In the study participated 342, of which 171 are already survived one heart attack. Source:RBC and Madlena.Ru. Читать полностью -->

Americans have learned to accurately predict the life expectancy

Americans have learned to accurately predict the life expectancyAmericans have learned to accurately predict the life expectancy Thanks to genetic research conducted by American scientists, the elderly will be able to know the time of his life. Genetics concluded that the risk of premature death can be determined by the length of the end sections of chromosomes, reports the Agency Ananova. Researchers from the University of Utah studied the genetic material 143 people older than 60 years. The study centered on telomeres - the end regions of the chromosomes that prevent them from twisting. Telomeres contain specific DNA sequences, ensuring accurate reproduction of chromosomes. With age, the telomeres are shortened, making cells more susceptible to age-related degenerative diseases. Читать полностью -->

The eskimo diet

The eskimo dietThe eskimo diet Eskimos radiate vitality, they rarely have excess weight and they almost never suffer from calcification of the arteries. Because together with a large number of mackerel, herring, salmon and trout on the table of the inhabitants of the polar latitudes gets the right amount of fatty acids that are very beneficial to health. In addition, these special fats lower cholesterol, form the important hormones in the body and regulate metabolism instead to settle in thick fat cells. Therefore, when the eskimo diet is used a large number of fish (fresh or frozen), but only with a small amount of vegetables and salads, and in the intervals between meals fruit. Sweets Smoking, as well as fatty meat, entrails or fat milk and dairy products. The result is about 1200 calories a day. Читать полностью -->


HeadachesHeadache is a very common ailment in late childhood and adolescence. Babies is quite rare. Usually the causes of headaches are fatigue due to incorrect mode of the day, intense mental activity, stay in a stuffy room, the lack of sleep. Parents should find out when the headaches begin, what is their intensity, localization, what are the symptoms of an ailment (for example, vomiting, dizziness, visual disturbances, sweating). Are there any changes in personality and behavior of the child. Girls headaches may be associated with menstruation. Читать полностью -->

The blind is actively working visual center

The blind is actively working visual centerThe blind is actively working visual center American neuroscientists under the leadership of Leonardo Cohen from the National Institute of neurological disorders and stroke for the first time showed that blind this center participates in reading Braille alphabet and finger identification embossed shapes. According to Cohen, the observed effect may explain the appearance of the blind exceptional sensitivity of the fingers. Source: Solvay Pharma. . . . Читать полностью -->

Cryo-massage (ice massage)

Cryo-massage (ice massage)Cryo-massage (ice massage) Since ancient times, the cold has been used as a therapeutic agent. About cold treatment is mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna and other ancient doctors. All, of course, known that compresses of ice, snow, reduce pain for contusions, sprains and other injuries. The effect will be greater if you RUB the sore spot in a circle, zigzag celofanovyi bag filled with ice ( you can pad with water to put on 30 minutes in the freezer cooler and also get ice massage device). Duration of massage from 2-3 to 5 minutes to avoid persistent narrowing of the blood vessels, cyanosis. Massage should not only direct injury site, but also a little above and below it. Читать полностью -->

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