Cloned humans will be crazy

Cloned humans will be crazyCloned humans will be crazy American scientists gave another argument against human cloning. They found significant violations of the regulation of gene cloning mice, which likely reflects the shortcomings of the principle of cloning, in which genetic information is transferred from one cell to another. These data appeared after it was announced the first human cloning. Scientists from Widecoverage Institute of biomedical research, under the direction of Rudolph Jenisha (Rudolf Jaenisch), determined the activity of 10,000 genes in different tissues of cloned mice. They found that dysregulation of activity was shown around one of the 25 genes in the placenta clone, a little less similar changes were observed in liver tissue. 'We cloned animals are serious violations of the regulation of many genes, so they are not normal', " says Rudolph genes. Читать полностью -->

Tumors of the parathyroid gland

Tumors of the parathyroid glandAre rare. Are usually benign adenomas, sometimes carcinoma. Differ slow development. Metastasize to the regional lymph nodes, lungs, liver. The clinical picture presented by the symptoms of hyperparathyroidism associated with increased secretion of parathormone. Laboratory studies reveal hypercalcemia, hypophosphatemia, elevated secretion of calcium and phosphorus in the urine. Читать полностью -->

best doctors in Sweden

best doctors in SwedenThe world Health Organization introduced a new "rating" national health systems of different countries. This time in the first place was Sweden (who previously held the fourth place), and Japan, whose health care system three years ago was considered the best in the world, "fell" by 13 points. Unfortunately, as expected, Russia was not even in the top twenty ranking. . . Читать полностью -->


Suite-VisitSuite-Visit The company "Lux-Visit offers treatment at the best resorts in the Czech Republic: Karlovy vary, Marianske Lazne, podД›brady, janskГ© lГЎznД› jГЎchymov, tЕ™eboЕ€, Teplice V ДЌechГЎch. At these resorts recommended for the treatment of diseases such as: - circulatory disorders; - diseases of the digestive tract; - diseases caused by disorders of metabolism and function of the endocrine glands; - diseases of the respiratory tract; - diseases of the musculoskeletal system; - diseases of the kidney and urinary tract; - diseases of the skin. The firm also provides You the opportunity to receive treatment, to be screened in the best medical centers in Switzerland. As is known, the level of medical services quality Swiss hospitals is one of the highest in the world. For many years in this country come from all over the world who wish to improve their health, to have a diagnostic examination of the body, get rid of ailments. Swiss clinics are ready to help You at the highest level. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have created samoshvatyvayuscheysya threads for surgeons

Scientists have created samoshvatyvayuscheysya threads for surgeonsScientists have created samoshvatyvayuscheysya threads for surgeons A new suture material, which has its own memory, will help surgeons to perform complex endoscopic intervention, reports New Scientist. Due to its unique properties of the thread, which was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, can change the tension of the suture under the action of body temperature, firmly pulling the wound edges. According to one of the creators of "smart" threads Robert Langer (Robert Langer, particularly the broad perspectives of the new material opens in endoscopic surgery, where interventions are performed through small holes. In such situations, it is often quite difficult to correctly impose the seam. The nodes may be too weak or strong, threatening complications. During the test of filaments of thermoplastic scientists first proved that they eventually dissolve themselves in the body, so that repeated operation is not required. Читать полностью -->

antibiotics of the quinolone group provokes the rupture of tendons

 antibiotics of the quinolone group provokes the rupture of tendonsResearch Dr. Bruno H. Ch. Stricker from the Netherlands showed that one frequent complication of treatment with antibiotics of the quinolone group of older patients receiving glucocorticoids, is an Achilles tendon rupture. The most significant risk of Achilles tendon rupture, as a side effect of quinolone therapy are patients older than 60 years (they risk increases 6 times), and patients 80-90 years respectively 20 times. Compared to norfloxacin and ciprofloxacin are the most fraught with torn ligaments ofloxacin. Читать полностью -->

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