The menopause Climacteric neurosis

The menopause Climacteric neurosisThe menopause is due to age-related reorganization of the female body. The processes of involution cover the Central nervous system and endocrine glands. The symptoms for. For most women, menopause occurs without obvious disorders. Often, however, it becomes complicated, resulting in increased irritability, lability of mood, sleep disorders, dizziness, increased blood pressure, autonomic-vascular disorders (tides and others). 8-10% of women climax occurs pathologically: frequent hot flashes (up to 10-20 times per day or more), a sudden feeling of heat, a significant increase in blood pressure, obesity, disorders of water and salt and other types of exchange, neuropsychiatric changes. Читать полностью -->

the presence of the father at birth leads to complications

the presence of the father at birth leads to complicationsHer husband's presence during childbirth may not be the best option for women. Data obtained by scientists from the University of Toronto, prove that if instead support the pregnant woman has experienced woman, even without formal education, mother perceives the events more positively, it requires less intervention by medical personnel. As shown, for example, the British statistics, less than half of women give birth naturally, 55 percent required the application of obstetrical forceps, vacuum extraction or even a caesarean section. As demonstrated by this study, if the ancestral house labor supports a woman, rarely have to resort to surgery and the use of strong painkillers. It is noted that the presence of men during childbirth has become popular only recently. Before it was decided that the task of moral support undertook a woman, as a rule, the older woman's mother or sister. Читать полностью -->

Paid medicine is not better than the usual

Paid medicine is not better than the usualPaid medicine is not better than the usual One of the most common medical myths is the myth about the benefits of paid medicine - say, if physicians receive for their work is good money, they treat patients with the utmost attention and strive to truly help the sick, not just to quickly get rid of them. But, as shown by studies conducted by canadian scientists, the real situation in medicine is completely the opposite of this myth. Data provided to them in the last issue of "Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that paid medical institutions that do not receive state funding and owned by private individuals, the mortality rate is 2% higher than the average for state hospitals. This seemingly small difference means that if all hospitals in Canada will be paid (such as health care reform has long been debated by government), each year the number of deaths of their patients will increase compared to current rates at 2200. "We assume that the reason for increased mortality of patients pay medical institutions - some "minor" errors committed by their employees in order to obtain greater profits, - said the head of the study, Dr. Devereaux from McMasters University in Ontario. Читать полностью -->

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